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Acid Etching


Our Acid Etching technique transforms the appearance of existing concrete paving. The technique can be applied to new or existing concrete that meets specific criteria.

Acid Etching Features
Typical Applications
• Permanent aged appearance
• Colour will not chip or wear
• Wide range of natural colours
• Transforms existing surfaces
• Provides a sealed surface for easy maintenance
• Unlimited Design Possibilities
• Hotel Lobbies, Pools areas, and driveways
• Nightclubs
• Retail Shopping Centres
• Restaurants
• Museums
• All Internal & External Paving
• Theme Parks


Acid Etching combines metallic salts in a mildly acidic water based solution that when applied to concrete reacts with the free-lime in the cement to colour-etch the paving. The result is an etching of the paved surface to create a variegated finish producing a mottled and unique effect.
Please contact Neil at Heritage Driveways for further details on the Acid Etching technique.