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These are just some of the most asked questions by customers. If you have any specific question please contact us on 01642 561509 or email us at enquiries@heritagedriveways.co.uk and we will be happy to answer them.

1 – How long will it take? Preparation is normally completed in two days. Pouring, Colouring and Printing of the concrete drive or patio usually takes place on the third day. The concrete is then left a day to cure and we then return the next day to wash the area. Then finally a coat of protective sealant is applied.

2 – Will I have a skip at the front of the house? We do not use skips. All earth, paving or old concrete is removed directly on to our vehicles and taken away the same day of excavation. This is so as not to inconvenience yourself, your neighbours and other road users.

3 – How long before I can walk on the drive? The period varies according to the time of year, but as soon as the area has been washed off it is safe to walk on.

4 – How long before I can park on the drive? We advise you not to park on the drive until 24 hours after it has been sealed. Doing this whilst not sealed will mean any dirt or oil from vehicles would affect the concrete.

5 – Will I have to remove any rubbish? All rubbish in connection with the driveway installation will be removed by Heritage Driveways.

6 - Will there be standing water on my driveway ? Imprinted Concrete as given by its name is a texture stamped in to the concrete although falls will be created there can be a chance of a small volume of water retained in the texture.

7 – Will grass grow through the driveway after completion? Once the driveway is sealed moss cannot grow on our resin based sealant, and unlike blocked driveways grass cannot grow through it.

8 – How long will the pattern last? The pattern is a permanent feature of the driveway and will last for as long as the driveway remains.

9 – How long will the colour last? The colour is permanent. Pattern Imprint Concrete is low maintenance, unfortunately not no maintenance. Approximately every couple of years the drive will need to be re-sealed in order that the colour be maintained and enhanced and the drive protected from oil, dirt and stains.